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The authority of the referee

Each match is under the direction of a referee, who has full authority to apply the rules of the game in relation to the match.

Decisions of the Referee
The referee will make the best possible decisions. This in accordance with the rules of the game and the spirit of the game. The decisions are based on the judgement of the referee who has the freedom to take appropriate action within the framework of the rules of the game.

The referee’s decisions regarding matters of play, including whether or not a goal has been scored and the outcome of the match, are binding. The decisions of the referee and the other match officials must be respected at all times.

The referees must not revert to a decision when they realise that the decision was incorrect, or on the advice of another match official, when they have resumed play or when the referees have indicated the end of the first or second half (including injury time) and have left the field of play or finished the match.

If the Referee is no longer able to direct the match, play may continue under the supervision of the other match officials until the next moment the ball is out of play.

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