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Street Food And Markets In London

London’s best street food delivers everything you need so pack some napkins. Street food is a savior in case you’re obsessed with food and don’t have money for London’s best restaurants.

One of the London’s best street food is House of Dodo, created from a melting pot of cultures, food is bright, packed and light with sunshine. Before Rebecca Lloyd Wrightbrought her family’s recipes back to London, she went to the island where her dad grew up. These all fluffy rice and fiery sauces make a lunchtime combination memorable.

Makatcha is one more option you can try, it’s an airline kitchen beef,  vegetable/chicken. It doesn’t matter which one you go for because it is completely packed with fragrant flavors. It is a billion times better than plain food.

Allihope is a top quality home smoked fish, and the best treat in the menu. Their lunchboxes are minimalist in proper Scandi style. It is your choice to have a crusty sourdough or fresh rye bread, with a few crunchy pickles and some light potato salad.

Sometimes a big fat burrito can only fill your belly and Luardos are the best known for Chipotle brisket burrito. The pork is slowly cooked with orange and fennel, the chicken option is poached in bay and garlic, and all the cheese joins in to make a food fiesta.

Last but not the least yummy food you would like to have in London is The Patate. The secret of bold little bun that the patty isn’t a patty at all. It’s a pile of warmed, crisped and rich beef on a hotplate. Later on, it is drenched in malted rachlette cheddar or blue cheese. It is also known as Beef bourgignon cheese burger.

Berwick Street Market

This market is situated on the stretch of Berwick Street. This fruit and vegetable market is said to be one of the oldest market of London. The vocal and friendly grocery hawkers have thinned in recent years, whereas they have been joined by sandwich sellers and a clutch of hot food during the lunchtime in weekdays. There is also Pizza Pilgrims ­­— the dough spinning brothers who are famous for their Italian treats. Berwick Street is also blessed with good cafés and shops, including renowned fabric store, brunch favorite Foxcroft & Ginger, coffee house Flat White and several vintage boutiques.


The ground floor of this market is between a warehouse and a yard, with a resident DJ, nine global street traders and four bars. Highly rated BBQ specialists and Breddos Tacos are included. It is less busy upstairs, with four more bars, and five breakout areas for 30 to 20 diners in which whiskey shots and craft beer is included. Dinerama is open almost all year, the space stays open air from May to September but when October arrives, the site gains carpet, heating and a roof to keep diners warm for the winter. Around 1,000 capacity space has a heavy party atmosphere, and is less family friendly.

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The true meaning of joy can be found in this city, and after all, the food is delicious. Even if you cannot afford to have lunch or dinner at a restaurant, you can always visit street food market which is known for its quality. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to find the right spot. You might get a chance to have the best food of your life.