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Reliable systems for growing algae at any scale

Growing algae can be done better, in an easy and affordable way. Lgem designs and manufactures reliable and innovative systems to grow algae, and we control all biochemical processes involved. It is important for us that our systems are low-labour intensive, low in energy and scalable.

Already working with algae cultivation? We can help you improve your algae cultivation with our systems. Our innovative operating systems are created by tapping into our extensive research and knowledge. With our easy-to-operate systems, we make it possible for anyone to produce algae without having to make a huge investment.

Lgem offers proven algal technology at any scale. The newest Lgem photobioreactors are entirely automated and integrated into a completely automated production facility with up-and downstream unit operations and climate-controlled greenhouse/buildings.

Lgem avails over the highest production standards, achieved with our high-quality in-house engineering and production. The capacity of our production allows for short lead times worldwide, even for large projects.

Industrial production needs turnkey, fully automated solutions. Lgem is the one-stop-shop for the realisation of your algae production facility.


How Lgem knows and grows

We believe algae are the answer to some of the biggest global challenges we are facing. Algae are becoming a dominant source of sustainable solutions. We are contributing to a more positive impact on the planet by providing risk-free and low cost algae solutions at any scale. The world is ready for new sustainable initiatives, and we can tap into that. That’s why we offer our affordable, low energy, easy-to-use and reliable systems to cultivate algae. For anyone, at any scale, anywhere in the world.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience with Nannochloropsis Gaditana, and many other species, Lgem’s technology offers a solid basis of knowledge and development.

Lgem’s proprietary PBR technology was developed, improved and validated within Lgem’s own commercial algae production. Lgem is proud of the significant improvements that Wavywind™ and Bubblebrush™ technology bring to the algae cultivation process. These improvements put Lgem’s patented PBR systems on the next level compared to any other PBRs currently available in the market.

Lgem is able to deliver world-wide algae solutions to any scale. Do you want to know more? Take a look at our site.