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Madden NFL 21: Virtual Pro Bowl

The NFL opened a month-long fan vote for the virtual Pro Bowl on Tuesday, which could feature players from teams going to the Super Bowl, as opposed to the real-world version.

Peter O’Reilly, NFL executive vice president of business and events, said the league’s partners are “positioned to help the NFL transform this high-profile event from living to virtual.”

“Even amid an unprecedented change in the sports industry, we are excited about the transition of many important components of the Pro Bowl, which will be virtual at Madden NFL 21, into an innovative new experience for our players and fans,” O’Really added.

Pro Bowl week will feature Madden encounters between current players, former players, celebrities, and Madden streamers with the use of Pro Bowl teams. Pro Bowl players will play a Madden Pro Bowl game as well.

The Madden NFL 21 itself will have a virtual Pro Bowl experience. EA Sports brought the Pro Bowl back to video games as a gaming option in recent years.

The Pro Bowl, scheduled to take place on January 31 in Las Vegas, was cancelled in October due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the first time since 1949 that the NFL All-Star Game has been cancelled. NFL owners voted to keep the 2022 version in Las Vegas.

Players and coaches will cast their votes on December 18 to choose the participants of the virtual game. A total of 88 players will be selected, 44 for each conference.

The special week of the Pro Bowl will be televised on ESPN and ABC.

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