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How To Quickly Level Up The Warrior Class Of World of Warcraft Classic?

Leveling up your Warrior class character in WoW Classic is not easy, as you must collect a large amount of gold in the dungeons to speed up the process, which can take countless hours of time and frustration.

Although this is the most popular class in the game, its low mobility can be a big difficulty for novice players, but with the proper instructions, you will not have any problem becoming very competitive.

The Warrior class is capable of using any type of weapon and is the best tanking class in the entire game. It makes you not have to worry about getting mana. This is why many players choose this class as their own and embark on this complicated challenge.

On the other hand, they are the most difficult class to level up, as they depend a lot on gear and have very low mobility. Users will need certain WoW Classic items to improve the character and with them, it is very difficult to find gold, they are the worst class to farm gold.


What is the race breed to choose?

The best race to level up as a Warrior depends on the faction you are joining. From the PVE point of view, you must select the Human class if you are an Alliance. On the other hand, if you are on the side of the Horde you must select the Tauren race to have more health points.

In the case of PVP, experts recommend choosing the orc race because it is the most versatile of all and has a lot of stun resistance against enemies.


What should I do to level up quickly?

The first tip is not to overuse your skills against mobs, this way you will keep your Rage at bay and use it more effectively.

Likewise, you must be very smart when choosing the weapons with which you will start your journey to level up. Make sure to train Thunder Clap, Overpower, Shield Bash and Cleave as your character’s maximum needs.

Of course, you will need to buy many objects to be able to stay at the same height as the characters of other classes in your first levels, so you should focus all your efforts on getting as much gold as you can.

There is the option to buy WoW gold online with real money to speed up your progress. A small investment of money could be transformed into a substantial improvement in your character’s abilities.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most difficult classes to play World of Warcraft but also one that will make you know the mechanics of the game and everything that involves getting into the universe of this legendary MMORPG.

With a Warrior you can be one of the tanks of your team in the raids and have a fundamental role in the most entertaining moments of the game, being the one who takes the baton in the attacks and who protects the other members of the team.

So if you want to be a protagonist in WoW Classic, as difficult as it is, you must choose the warrior class.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)