How to paint a wall

Painting a wall may seem like a hell of a job, but it can be easy and fun! If you know how to do it, it is not that hard and it will not be that much work. After a day of painting, you will see that changing a colour of a wall has a lot of power and changes the whole feeling of the room. You will be rewarded with a room that feels like it is new, while actually, only the colours on the walls have changed. In this article we will explain step for step how to paint a wall like a pro!


Step 1: Prepping the room

Painting with a room full of furniture or other stuff is very annoying and makes it hard to do. It is just easier if there is nothing in your way. So, make sure that you empty out the room as much as possible. If some pieces of furniture can not move, then make sure to cover them up with sheets so you do not risk to spill paint on them.


Step 2: The finish

Paint comes in a lot of different finishes, which is almost as important as the colour. Well known finishes for paint are: high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, flat and matt. Matt finishes are useful for high-pigment wall coverage, while high gloss is used for walls that you want to be easy to clean. Usually this type of finish is used in a kitchen.


Step 3: How much paint

You do not want to run out of paint while painting a wall, so calculate how much paint you need. There are some handy paint calculators available on the internet to help you.


Step 4: Materials

Use the right material for the job. Paintsprayers are very useful when you paint a lot. The wagner flexiois a very handy tool when painting a wall. Also make sure you use good quality paint.