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Hair toppers, synthetic wigs and natural wigs – where to buy in Finland?

Hair toppers, synthetic wigs and natural wigs – where to buy in Finland?

Hair extensions and hair wigs, oh my! If you’ve been working on your Rapunzel length hair for a while but it still isn’t quite long enough, don’t get upset – there are other options to get the desired length. You can either get hair extensions or get a wig.

There used to be one major supplier of synthetic wigs in Finland: Hairdressers’ Company . Unfortunately they were bought out by another Finnish company and their online store was shut down. Luckily there still has been some action in the market and we now have several places where we can buy good quality synthetic wigs here in Finland.

Hair extensions are a little more difficult. In the UK several companies have been selling ClipIn Hair Extensions for a reasonable price for years, but in Finland they are still fairly new and there aren’t that many good online stores with good quality hair to choose from (Markette has closed down and Muksu does not sell high quality clip ins). If you desperately want some real hair extensions and don’t feel like paying the premium cost for wefts made out of real human virgin European hair , it seems like your only option is either getting them on Ebay or doing it yourself (with synthetic hair). It can be rather difficult finding where people recommend buying extension clips on Ebay – if you do find one, it’s often a seller from China and the clips are usually synthetic Ammattimaiset peruukit ja hiustenpidennykset – osta verkossa

Yay! Synthetic clip ins from Markette to blend into my blond hair. I’m not going to show you any pictures of my own hair before/during experiments because as you might already know, I do have pretty long hair myself (most people don’t believe me when they see the photos) but for this post we thought we’d show some images of us trying out the different wigs and extensions so that you can get a better idea of how they look.