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What does squash do for the body?

What does squash do for the human body?

Squash is called the healthiest sport in the world by many very knowledgable people that are involved with the game and the athletes. I was, partly for this reason, very curious to see why they call this the healthiest sport and what are their reasons for the their involvement with the game and the athletes. But first, we have to take a look at the game of squash, how it’s played and what the players do to win games. This way we can see why squash is such a healthy sport and what the impact of squash is on the body of a human being.

What is squash?

Squash is a game the has to be played in a squash court. The game is played by two players whom both try to beat the other player. A point is won by making the ball bounce twice before the other player is able to reach it. Every game that is played on a squash court is till 11 points. The first player that reaches 11 points wins a game of squash.

Every game has to be won by 2 points difference. This makes the game extra exciting since it will be harder to win a game when you are 10-10 in the last game. Both players will be extremely tired at that stage and it will just keeps on getting harder to win a rally since the other player doesn’t want to lose the game.

The biggest thing in squash is the competiveness between two players that are on court. It’s hard to beat someone who doesn’t want to lose to you and will do whatever it takes to win the game.

How is squash played?

Squash is always played by two players trying to win games off eachother on a squash court. Every squashplayer wears a squash racket that helps keeping the ball in play. When a player can manage to make a ball bounce twice before the opponent reaching it the player will win a point.

A big thing in squash is fitness. If you can’t keep up with the pace of the opponent it will be pretty hard getting games from him. This is a big thing in squash because the faster the game goes the harder it gets.

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