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What are the cunifer and the 5d bend?

The cunifer, which you can buy at is a special piece for your piping system. It is an alloy of copper, nickel and iron, which is why the name cunifer was formed. Cuprum is the Latin word for copper. Copper has good corrosion resistance and is easy to process. In addition, this metal has good electrical conductivity. Nickel is the Latin word for nickel. This metal is highly resistant to corrosion and has good properties at high temperatures. In addition, nickel hardly expands at high temperatures and the material is easy to weld. Ferrum is the Latin word for iron. This material is less resistant to corrosion than the aforementioned metals. The addition of a small percentage of carbon creates steel. Steel is very strong and cheap. This makes the material very suitable for constructions and tools. Do you now understand how the name cunifer was formed? From Cu(prum), Ni(ckel) and Fer(rum). Would you like to know more about how cunifer works? Then the specialists at will be happy to help you.

Choose the bigger bend

At you can buy different pieces for your piping system. The selection is so large, that it is always best to consult a specialist before you decide to order. In addition to the cunifer, the alloy of nickel, copper and iron, this expert also sells the 5d bend. This is an ideal option for your project if you are looking for a large diameter pipe. It is much more durable than a standard or 3d bend. This makes a 5d bend more suitable for use in areas with corrosive substances. The 5d bend has a five times larger diameter than a normal bend, which is where its name comes from. 5d bends are specific and are not widely produced. However, has these sizes available for you on their website. Check out the currently available types if you are interested in using a 5d bend.

Ask for tips and advice

Would you like to purchase these materials? Then visit the website of this specialist and order what you need. Of course, you can also always consult the specialists if you have questions or need advice and tips.

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