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Sell homemade ice cream from your dairy or fruit farm

Whether you are a dairy farmer who wants to turn more profit with their milk or a fruit grower who wants to make more money with their produce: producing and selling homemade ice cream is an excellent way to do this. Becoming an ice cream farm is not even that difficult, especially when you partner up with Ice Delite. This company has developed an ice cream concept that helps dairy farmers and fruit growers make more money with their milk and fruit. The business plan is safe and sound, so it will even give you more income security. Not many farmers have that type of security.

Produce and sell your own ice cream with ease thanks to expert help

Producing and selling ice cream on your farm is easy with the help of Ice Delite. They help you set up the production facility and tell you everything you need to know about the production process. Not only do they provide you with the necessary equipment, they also give you the recipes for their delicious ice cream. Once the production is taken care of, all that still needs to be done is make sure you can sell the ice cream you produce. To do this, you receive sales support. It is easy to sell your ice cream, because the brand is known for its high quality and they have many resellers. Their ice cream can even be found in supermarkets and restaurants.

Inquire about the possibilities for your farm

Would you like to become an ice cream farm? Inquire about the possibilities with the company behind Farmhouse Ice Cream and benefit from their solid business plan. With their help, producing and selling your own ice cream is as easy as can be and you will get your own, successful ice cream franchise.