Securing and stabilizing cargo by container lashing

During transportation in a container cargo lashing is important. Otherwise, the cargo can start moving. This can lead to damage, but also to greater accidents. Therefore, cargo securing is of great importance. There are different effective ways to secure cargo. One is by using lashing. It can be easily used and makes sure your cargo is safe. Besides, one can also use dunnage bags. These are specifically designed to secure and stabilize cargo which is transported. Finally, one can use a strapping tensioner for securing cargo. It is easy to use and is of high quality.

Types of container lashing, dunnage bags and strapping tensioner

If you want to buy lashing, dunnage bags or strapping tensioner there is a lot to choose from. All have their benefits. Firstly, there are two different kinds of container lashing: Cordlash Woven lashing and Composite Lashing. The first one is of polyester and the second one is of synthetic steel. Secondly, there are dunnage bags of paper, PPL and polywoven. The polywoven dunnage bags are more resistant to puncture and moisture. They remain strong during the entire transportation. Finally, there are three different strapping tensioners: The Manual, CBT 35 Battery Operated and Pneumatic strapping tensioner. They will all help you to secure your cargo.

Prevent damage to cargo by using container lashing, dunnage bags and strapping tensioner

Container lashing. It can be done by using lashing, dunnage bags and strapping tensioners and is of great importance. To prevent this damage, it is of great importance to secure cargo correctly. One can use lashing, but also a dunnage bag and a strapping tensioner. All these tools are easy to use and make sure your cargo is safe. Damage will no longer be a problem. You can be sure that your cargo will be transported in a secure and stable manner, because both lateral and longitudinal movement will be prevented. In this way, your cargo will reach its destination without damages.