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Medical scrubs, an invention for the healthcare sector

Medical scrubs, an invention for the healthcare sector

The healthcare industry includes many different types of businesses. For example, there are the physio practices, general practitioner practices, hospitals and many other clinics. If we go back to the old days, they weren’t wearing medical clothes in clinics, etc. Back then, normal clothing was very common as business attire. The only thing they wore as protection at that time was an apron, for instance. Nowadays many firms are familiar with medical scrubs. These scrubs clothing are used as medical workwear and not as everyday clothing that you wear to a dinner party. What scrubs exactly are, which ones are currently available and how you can put them together is something we would like to explain to you in this blog.

What are scrubs exactly?

As we briefly mentioned, medical scrubs are made specifically for people who work with patients or other types of visitors. The medical scrubs are made in such a way that they provide the protection that is needed for the staff. As a healthcare worker you come into contact with many different types of bacteria and infections, which you obviously would not want to contract. The scrubs can be washed after a long shift at a high temperature, so that none of the harmful bacteria remains. In addition, unpleasant odors are also removed, which is of course another great advantage. Furthermore, the moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry throughout your entire shift, which is great for those warmer environments. Finally, the medical scrubs are made for comfort. The staff in clinics work long days, and you wouldn’t want your employees to wear clothing that could become irritating over time. Therefore, never choose a size smaller than necessary, as the scrubs may not fit comfortably.

What different medical scrubs are available?

There are several types of scrubs available at this time. For example, there aren’t only white medical scrubs, which is what you might assume. Fortunately, there is plenty of workwear to choose from at the moment and you can bring your own vision to the clothing. Within medical scrubs there are tops, pants, lab coats, shoes, and additional features, such as a face mask. There are different styles when it comes to scrubs, you can choose a somewhat sportier look or a more professional look. This is entirely up to the company. One brand that offers medical scrubs is Jaanuu. Jaanuu scrubs are made in such a way that the quality is immediately apparent. This is why many companies have already chosen the brand Jaanuu. They not only offer the quality, but also different styles. For instance, you can choose from different colours and prints.

Compose the corporate clothing

Now that you know what scrubs are and which ones are available, it is time to put together the workwear. This can best be done in consultation with the staff of the business. In addition, you always take into account what exactly the company wants to radiate. For example, if your company’s brand logo contains the colour blue, you can choose scrubs with a blue print. However, this does not mean that your top and pants should both be blue. You can then choose green pants and a blue top, to make sure you stand out!