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iTunes plays


Itunes is a digital mediaplayer that has been founded in 2001 by Apple. It has since this time been one of the companies that has been founded by Apple. It is possible to play digital music and visual content with the program iTunes. This makes it a hotspot for content consumers and content creators. 

The program is also an interface to control the contents of an ipod, ipad and iPhone. This is an online based interface that unlocks a world of possibilities for the user that installed this.

In early 2013 the program iTunes reached 25 billion downloads what makes it a huge succes. But, in this day and age, iTunes is slowly but surely being taken over by big players like Spotify. That provides music that can be livestreamed.

The program iTunes has always had the mission of keeping a library full of quality content. Keeping this library was demanded to be easy and very user-friendly. One of the ways of achieving this sort of user friendliness is by installing several search functions to look up different parts of the library in an easy manner. It’s possible to search on the music creator, music or band he or she was in while making the music.

 Since 2011 it’s also possible to download high definition movies on iTunes. This diversification is a reaction on the impact of the new live stream platform that is called Spotify. It’s a way of still adressing the same target group but at the same time looking for new opportunities within the same market.

ITunes for artists

For artists that are up and coming iTunes is a very interesting platform that can be used in various ways. But, specially when an artist doesn’t have a huge audience, it’s quite hard to get through the tough competition and reach the top charts.

The best way to get to the top charts as easy as possible is by buying iTunes downloads. In this manner, a high quality song that hasn’t gotten what the song actually deserves can get the credits it needs to get to the top.

It’s possible to buy these iTunes downloads to make sure your song ends on top of the charts. A great website for doing this is the website that’s called Streamko. It helps artists promote their music in various genres. They have 9 years experience in promoting music for their clients.