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Getting cold feet? Winter is near in Scotland!


Getting cold feet? Winter is near in Scotland! Warm up from the feet first with underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating in Scotland is vital. Although recently we have been voted the most beautiful country in the world, the weather is far from perfect. Our summers are mild with temperatures averaging at 16 degrees Celsius throughout our summer months. Our winters are harsh, with driving rain, constant wind and ground freezing temperatures. You can imagine the havoc this creates in conventional heating bills. They are expensive, right? Why shouldn’t we be able to live in our beautiful, wild and widely rugged country in style, comfort and ease.

Just imagine never having to fiddle around with radiators but just having to press a button or turn a dial on your smartphone. That’s what underfloor heating can achieve. Brilliant temperatures in brilliant ease. You say, ‘Well, I think a log stove or a coal fire is fitting for Scotland, the smell of peat is homely’. Of course, turn your dials, press that button and you have it. Steady 18 degrees through your house and that homely feel of a fire giving you that extra warmth. Could you do that with radiators?

Not only does underfloor heating make heating your home practical and trouble free it also makes home designing so easy. You no longer need to worry about where you position your sofas and TVs in case they block a radiator. Every wall in your room is free. No ugly metal heat emitting devices bolted to your walls – it just creates a modern and clean look in every home.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow, continues to improve your home even down to the most practical of things. Who finds that radiators are always full of dust? It is a fact that due to the heat cycle in a room where the hot air rises and the cold air drops, the dust and other airborne particles get caught up in the cycle. As the air passes round the walls it gets caught in the radiators. This dust can very quickly build up and can actually lessen the heat output. However, with Underfloor heating there is no heat cycle that passes around the walls in a room and there are no radiators to attract dust. You can’t stop dust but you can stop dust traps. The heat cycle is vastly different. Heat rises straight up from the floor consistently to a height of approximately two metres and then falls and is warmed back up at floor level.

There is an element of comfort that comes with installing underfloor heating in your home. You have a constant steady warmth coming through the floor. There are no cold patches, just consistent heat. You can wake up every morning and pad downstairs for your cup of tea and have that pleasant warmth warming you up feet first.

Incognito covers the entire footprint of Scotland and it even touches as far south as Cumbria. Targeting underfloor heating in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee but also serving the more remote places. Anywhere with a house in need of some proper heating. Let’s make our lives better. Let’s warm ourselves up from the feet.