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FIFA 21: Changes And News Of The Update 1.09

FIFA 21 has received on December 2 a new patch: 1.09. The EA Sports game changes several elements both in terms of errors and also at the playable level. The list is quite extensive and is designed to try to improve gameplay that many users have already criticized after the release of the game and also the changes in later patches. We are going to review them below.


Playable changes


  • Reduced the distance AI-controlled players can go to block a ball (the famous autoblock).
  • Improved interception logic when the defender is on his way to the ball.
  • Reduced the transition speed of the player on a bicycle after completing it.
  • Increase in the distance the ball can travel after a goalkeeper rejection.


Error correction


  • Defenders sometimes stretched their legs higher than expected when trying to block a ball.
  • Blocking the opponent with the shoulder caused an unexpected movement.
  • When exchanging a player in a penalty in which the forward was going to shoot, he would get stuck.


Changes in FUT


  • After claiming a reward from Community on the Objectives screen, the player would appear in the season progress tab instead of Community.
  • On the Club tab of the Squad screen, the toggle list view action was not working.
  • The widget in this section could remain on the screen in some exceptional cases.
  • When equipped, the Islandia anthem item did not play during pre-match scenes.
  • The running player celebration item was wrongly listed as T-Rex.


Career bug changes


  • Negotiation scenes showed incorrect coaches on both teams.
  • During negotiation scenes, officers sometimes wore the wrong club badge.
  • In the player career, the statistics of the Pro Virtual matches did not register correctly when they were partially simulated and the Virtual Pro was replaced before the simulation.


Bug fixes in VOLTA


  • In some cases when playing Pro Clubs before matchmaking in Volta, the error “Could not set up the match”.
  • Informal match lobbies for Volta teams were not dissolving properly.
  • In some cases, the post-match Event Progress screen incorrectly indicated that there were two captains on one team.
  • A rare stability issue could occur when accepting a friendly online.


Changes in online mode


  • The attributes in the game are modified according to the position of each player in seasons and cooperative.
  • In friendly lobbies, players can choose whether to activate the default FIFA attributes.



FIFA 21 can be playing now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. FIFA 21 coins for PS5 is now available on FUTeamGo!


(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)